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Colette Burrell


  • Diploma in Teaching, Secondary Education, The Mico College, Approved by the Joint Board of Teacher Education, Faculty of Humanities and Education, University of the West Indies.

I am a jovial but serious, hard working and driven individual who takes pride in my work. I believe in success and achieving ones goals. I have been a trained teacher since 1998 in Secondary Education in the area of Double Option Science. The Use of English was an integral part of my training. I have 10 years experience in the High school system and 2 years instructing adults in a vocational training institution in Cosmetology. In both instances the use of English was the Language of my delivery. I also volunteer with individuals with a disability, teaching the deaf in Sign Language. I love teaching, especially in an interactive manner where an interchange between teacher and student is facilitated. I believe All students can learn but it will take intuitiveness, patience and flexibility on the part of the teacher. I consider myself very capable and competent in teaching and I will do all it takes to ensure that my students achieve their optimum potential.