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Nas Chohan


  • Using Technology in Teaching Global 2017
  • Using Technology in language learning instruction is a guide for teachers and teacher trainers who are involved in teaching English as a foreign language ONLINE and in the classroom. Due to new challenges faced by the modern teacher, the course is designed so that educators master the application of ICT (Information and communication technology).
  • Grammar Specialist Global 2016
  • Intensive GRAMMAR course aimed at guiding teachers towards the most effective methodology to teach
  • Grammar in the classroom.
  • GLOBAL Effective Communication Techniques GLOBAL 2017
  • A comprehensive course which enables tutors to use different and advanced communication skills effectively.
  • TEFL 150 hour certification Global 2012
  • A fully accredited, intensive 150 hour blended course aimed at introducing teachers to the world of TEFL. Testing, Lesson planning and Feedback ensure that candidates achieve the requisite standards required by schools and universities.
  • Intensive course for those committed to becoming specialists in the field of test preparation, specifically IELTS.
  • GLOBAL Teaching Online Specialist GLOBAL 2017
  • A comprehensive course which deals with the tools and platforms required to deliver a superlative Online Teaching experience to learners.
  • This certification enables me to create innovative online course material which helps extend the class beyond classroom interaction, provide course material pre and post class as well as set tasks. The advanced skills and techniques required to Teach Online are taught in the course.
  • GLOBAL Business English Specialist GLOBAL 2016
  • A comprehensive course for those who wish to specialise in Business English.

Assessor WALL STREET ENGLISH 2013 - 2014 Beijing, Shenzhen and Istanbul China At Wall Street English, I was an assessor and VIP instructor who arranged social activities (which incorporated English skills) for VIP students. In addition, I taught all the stages, led English Corner groups and mentored students. Having worked and lived in three different Chinese cities, I understand the culture, the customs and the difficulties experienced by students as they strive to achieve their goals. BUSINESS ENGLISH SPECIALIST TELELANGUE 2012 - 2015 PARIS Teaching Business English to high level executives via Telelangue brought me into contact with the top brass at famed companies such as Louis Vuitton, a nuclear scientist and even an 80's Footballer of the year! The diversity of students got me hooked on online teaching and the 30 hour (part time) weekly lessons honed by Business English skills. IELTS PRO TUTOR CAMBLY 2015 - 2017 Cape Town I tutored 2750 IELTS lessons on Cambly and was instrumental in the creation and launching of the IELTS division in 2016 which caters for Speaking. Since I prefer a comprehensive approach which addresses all four skills, I have created five amazing packages that will help students score Band 7-8 without a problem. It should be noted that getting three 7's and a 6.5 equals failure for any candidate who needs all 7's for their PR. My approach makes sure that students ace all parts of the test! TEACHER PERFECT ENGLISH & NENU HIGH SCHOOL 2012 - 2013 Changchun China This position, in a city where the winters reach -30, was the perfect training post as I juggled kids at the private institute and teenagers (classes of 60) at the High School. It was tough, it was rigorous but it was great as it taught me class management, dealing with diverse age groups and even cultures which paved the way for a successful career in Beijing, Shenzhen and across Europe. IELTS SPECIALIST AND SENIOR TEACHER BRITISH COUNCIL 2014 - present Istanbul Turkey As a BC trained teacher, I understand the inner workings of the IELTS exam and taught more than ten 54-hour IELTS courses. In addition, I tutored VIP clients, including the GM of the second largest company in the country and the CEO of AXA. Furthermore. I delivered weekly lessons to members of the KOC group. I also taught (and loved) Beginner classes and Conversation classes. So all in all, BC trained me to wear many hats with flair!