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Stacie Koshkina


  • Hi! My name is Stacie. I am a certified teacher of English. My qualifications include a Bachelors of teaching English and German languages (to any age), Foreign literature; and Cambridge Certification in English Language teaching to Adults (CELTA). In addition I have 8 years of experience teaching primary and secondary (all subjects) school students as a homeroom teacher in Dominican Republic - for 2 years (Central America) and China for more than 4 years (both US curriculum), and teaching EFL to adults in Ukraine and Argentina. Before I worked in the USA for a year by student exchange programs. Also, currently I work part-time online teaching English to Chinese students age of 6-10 years old. I like making my classes fun, so that it's easier to learn: sing songs, play games, (quizzes) work on speaking and pronunciation, and so on. I understand what it's like to learn English, because I love learning new languages and spend my free time on it. I speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, German and a little of Chinese (still learning). Hope to hear from you, and let's start!

Now let me tell you a little about my life. I was born in a small town in the center of Ukraine. My hometown is very green and peaceful. Everybody knows each other there, and people are very friendly and helpful. So, as you probably understood, I grew up in a nice surrounding. But while I was growing bigger and bigger, I started to realize that my town was getting smaller and smaller to me. Anyway, I started traveling since I was 18. I believe that in order to understand and absorb the culture of the country, you need to live there for a while. That's what I've been doing. The USA, Dominican Republic, China, Argentina, Russia...all these countries are amazing and taught me many things. However, Dominican Republic stole my heart. Perfect beaches, palm trees and the hospital people will always remain in my memories. Especially, it's a place where I married my the most beloved man, Max. We just came back from China, Shanghai. This city is a mixture of West and Asia, extremely expensive and fascinating at the same time. Currently, we are back home in Ukraine, spending time with our family and friends. I'll be glad to listen to your life story, learn about your culture, and teach English in an interective way. See you soon!