Ed Info Flow


  1. MAKO is participating in a Digital Social Media Campaign in S Korea in NOV and DEC 2018 and JAN 2019. Coming soon!!!
  2. What does this mean for you? Earning dollars doing what you love–teaching! It is impossible to predict the impact, but it could mean a wave of customers as Koreans are keen to master English, and they are the most internet savvy on the planet. Some of you teachers have had a thorough induction/training and some of you have not as yet. We can make some allowances and do a ‘catch-up’ with your training in order to get as many of you guys ready for the campaign as possible.
  3. Always keep up your availability weeks in advance. You can always change your availability if your priorities shift. That is your prerogative!


  1. Teachers take note that MAKO is now translated into Portuguese.