Read graded readers as your main reading material if you are trying to learn English.

What are graded readers?

Graded Readers are novels and non-fiction books that have been especially written for international English students. The vocabulary and sentences have been simplified for you, and the books are graded into levels to help you choose what is particularly good for you to read.

Of course, anything written in English is good to read but not everything is really smart to read as your main reading material!



1 Graded readers are written particularly for international English students.

2 Graded readers are ‘graded,’ that is, they are placed at different levels, such as Elementary or Intermediate, to help the reader choose an appropriate book.

3 The authors of graded readers are good writers.

4 Graded readers are also published by good publishers who care about what they publish, such as Cambridge, Oxford Press, Macmillan and Pearson Longman.

5 Graded readers often adapt famous English stories.

6 Graded readers help English students learn about English-speaking countries’ cultures.

7 Graded readers can be read quickly because they have a positively controlled vocabulary and a student can read much more in a shorter period of time.

8 Graded readers cover traditional literature, movies, modern culture and non-fiction topics.

9 Each graded reader is written by a single author and this gives the reader a chance to adjust to the style of writing so that they will pick up speed in their reading.

10 Graded readers of fiction have dialogue that shows international students how English speakers talk.

11 Graded readers are reasonably priced compared to other books and can be traded easily with fellow students.

12 Graded readers are not too long and students feel satisfaction every time they finish a book.

13 Graded readers provide the high input needed for learning the language.

14 Graded readers give students much more to talk about.

15 Luckily, there are a wide variety of graded readers written in English from which one can choose something interesting.


Brian Ursich