Sharky’s Tip #7

Make your most important method for learning the enjoyment of learning! Learning a language, like learning anything else, works so much better when you enjoy doing it. If you feel you ought to do it or are forced to do it, then the learning process is much less effective. But how can you learn to… Read more »

Sharky’s Tip #6

If you are an adult English language learner, repeat, repeat and repeat what you want to learn. Adult English language learners usually do not like to use repetition to help them learn the language. Why? Adults are very intelligent. They are very cultivated, and they are very aware of the world. Yet they seem to… Read more »

Sharky’s Tip #5

Learn English like you learn a martial art. Don’t try to learn it like you earn a degree. Learning English should be much more about practice than about study. Think practice, not study. That’s my advice. The more familiar you become with the language, the better you will be able to use it. So, it… Read more »

Sharky’s Tip #4

Pay attention to the ‘hot five,’ five mistakes that native speakers never make. There are five mistakes in speaking that you should not make. The reason you should not make them is not because they are terrible mistakes that will stop you from communicating; it is only because native speakers do not make these mistakes…. Read more »

Sharky’s Tip #3

Use the ‘One Word – One Breath’ practice and your speaking will go up three levels in one day! My secret weapon for pronunciation practice is the ‘One Word – One Breath’ practice. I call it ‘secret’ because I do not give it to every student. Actually, it is just a practical and simple approach… Read more »

Sharky’s Tip #2

Focus on the helping verb to make your conversation easier. We all like to name things. This is a ‘jacket.’ That is a ‘moon.’ A baby cow is a ‘calf.’ We collect the names of things to make our world familiar. If you want to speed up your learning, you should really focus on verbs…. Read more »

Sharky’s Tip #1

Let your speaking practice lead your English language learning. If you are an adult learner, you should put your energy into speaking. Language is made of sounds, and the sounds carry the meaning. Writing is only the symbols which represent those sounds. Some students get lost by avoiding speaking because they feel embarrassed about not… Read more »